Crazed Crooks Heists

The Crazed Crooks are looking to make some $DOUGH by robbing banks on Heists. The goal is to rob the bank and get away without getting caught. If the Heist is successful you will receive a lump sum of dough which will vary based on the bank you are robbing. The amounts and 3 different bank types are outlined below. The Crooks have to start planning heists on lower level banks and can move up to the higher level banks as they complete the previous Heists.

The Heists will have a base success rate of 60%. The success rate can be increased by bringing along a crew of toons through a Getaway car, items, and paying off the Cops. If you want to have the greatest success, you will need to buy one of the items from the Black Market, Mint a Getaway car to bring up to 3 toons along, and/or pay of the crooked Cops. You will be able to obtain a 100% success rate heists if you own the correct items.

Connect wallet to see current heists